A Day in the Life of a Mommy

“It’s morning. I’m hungry.” It’s my no-snooze alarm.
It’s only 6:30 but my day has begun.
My eyes struggle to open as she taps on my arm.
Welcome to life as a mommy.

Breakfast is over. It’s time now to dress.
Combing tangles out of curls, now that’s truly a mess.
Clothes, teeth, and hair take nearly an hour.
Only ten minutes left for the mommy.

We load into the van and away we go.
At gymnastics and storytime we make quite the show.
One needing fed and one needing changed
And one yelling, “Look at me, Mommy!”

“What do you want for lunch?” “Peanut butter and jelly!
And remember that Cheetos are great for my belly!”
“I want more!” “I’m all done!” “Can I have a cookie?”
“You forgot my drink, silly Mommy!”

Thank goodness it’s naptime. I send two off to dream.
One looks at the computer, her eyes starting to gleam.
I set it up and sit her down and then pull out my Bible.
At last a quiet moment for the mommy.

“Mommy, I wake up!” And then the baby cries.
Down the stairs they come, both rubbing wake-up eyes.
The computer goes off, the snacks come out.
And it’s back to work now, Mommy.

“Mommy, I colored!” (Oh dear, it’s on the chair.)
“Mommy, Catherine’s got pop-tart in her hair!”
“Play with me, Mommy!” “Read me a book!”
“Elisabeth’s eating paper again, Mommy!”

I look at the clock. Hurray, it’s almost time!
Onto the couch by the window we climb.
“I see him! There’s Daddy!” And to the door they run.
Everyone’s forgotten about the mommy.

Dinnertime is over. Prayers have been said.
Daddy takes his two girls to tuck them in bed.
The baby goes to, just as soon as she’s finished
Getting every last drop from her mommy.

The house is now quiet. I sit down with a sigh.
The days are so long, but oh, how they fly.
My body’s exhausted, my brain is worn out,
But after all, I am a Mommy.

I climb into bed and know this is bliss.
I turn to my husband for my good night kiss.
I better sleep quick for in only three hours
That baby will be crying for Mommy.

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