A Step in the Right Direction?

Well, we traveled to Northern Kentucky yesterday so Clay could interview with a search committee for their open youth pastor position. We had lunch and then the meeting, which leaned more toward casual conversation than a formal interview, stretched until about 4:00 (which was slightly difficult for poor Catherine and Elisabeth, who normally would have been snug in their beds at that time). The people nodded and agreed and even “amen”ed a lot of what Clay said, and some of what they said sounded like it could be a good match for us. We looked around the church and the youth building and the parsonage, where we could live if we wanted. It really could be a good possibility for us. Clay still hasn’t gotten to talk much with the pastor to see how compatible they would be, and we’ve learned the hard way that it would be very wise to do that before he takes any job, and we would also like the opportunity to participate in a worship service with them, but at this point we don’t even know if they are interested in pursuing Clay any further, so all we can do is wait and pray. It’s a little difficult to not get my hopes up, because I’m so weary of the situation we’re in currently, but I have to keep preaching to myself that we don’t want just any new situation. We want the specific new situation that God has waiting for us, and we may have to go through a couple of “doors” that don’t work out before we get there. Pray with me that I will be patient and content with God’s plan and timing for us, whether that means going to this church in the near future, or packing that hope away to wait quietly for the next opportunity. Oh, that my heart would quietly wait.

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3 Responses to A Step in the Right Direction?

  1. clay hall says:

    in the great words of the prayer of plankeye (rock ‘n roll theologians), “if You’ll just keep opening doors, i promise that i’ll keep testing the locks.” let’s keep testing those locks, babe.

  2. realworldmartha says:

    I found your blog and started my blog just to share the ordinary life that many people I know live.
    I am a former youth pastor (education minister) and now a stay at home mom. Too hard to do church work and motherhood/wife, hosekeeper, etc.
    I was in a bad situation once with a gossiping church. It was very tuff even though there were some wonderful people there.
    I have looked into going back to church work several times but nothing has worked with my situation. After everytime of getting hopes up I have gotten stronger in knowing that God will put me where I need to be whatever that might be. I am more at peace with it each time.
    Many Blessings on the search.

  3. Thanks, realworldmartha. Rest assured that God is Sovereign and will work His good plan in your life.

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