The Heart of Anger, by Lou Priolo

I just finished reading this for the second time through, out of necessity this time, as my kids can be quite accomplished at disrespect and manipulation. As a whole, this book is a wonderful, biblical resource for any parent who desires to instill respect and humble submission to authority in their children, as well as teach them to examine their words and actions to determine whether they are right or not. There are some techniques in here that I probably will not use, at least not with a four year old, like the various journals and written exercises. But just in the time that I’ve been reading it, I’ve tried a few verbal exercises. The first time I asked her if she loved getting the book she wanted more than she loved God, her eyes grew wide and she said, “Of course not!” Then I pointed out that when she was willing to disobey God and sin in order to get what she wanted, then that showed that right then, she was loving that object more than she was loving God. Her expression looked like it was actually sinking in. I so desire to see my children cheerfully obeying, and thinking of others first, and learning to put their desires behind the commands of God and their parents and other authority figures. I fail so much every day in teaching them and training them, but I think that the resources in Priolo’s book will be beneficial to our family. Now it’s up to me to be disciplined enough to use them diligently. Definitely a recommended resource for anyone training children.

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5 Responses to The Heart of Anger, by Lou Priolo

  1. April says:

    I am making my way through this book the first time. Thank you for your transparency. May God give you the grace to be discipline diligently. Love your website. It is nice to find like minded believers. Blessings to you. April

  2. tia says:

    Thanks for your comment! I’ll have to keep up with you on here :]

    I read “Shepherding a Child’s Heart” by Tedd Tripp a year ago; it’s a great book, too.

  3. Yes, it is an awesome book. There is another book written by Ginger Plowman, Don’t Make Me Count to Three, that basically takes Tripp’s stuff and makes it really practical and hands on for moms. Do you have kids?

  4. tia says:

    No, not married yet! But I’ve read some of those books for my younger cousins/children’s ministry :]

    & I do love reading blogs by moms!

    Thanks for the book recommendation by Plowman. I’ll have to pick it up!

  5. Sharon says:

    I am borrowing this book from a friend initially cause I am seeing anger spill out in my parenting. This book is increadible at applying scripture to our everyday lives! I have never seen any one use the scriptures so much in things we deal with so regularily. This book is helpful for angry people period. Child or not. I will be applying some of these ideas with my two year old and as he grows I am sure I will end up buying this book and using his ideas (applying scripture) more regularily.
    I can’t wait to see what his other books are like!

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