Heaven, by Randy Alcorn (Part 1)

I’ve read this book before and I really enjoyed it, but I’m going through it again trying to take more in this time.  It’s a large book, so instead of writing one review at the end, I’m going to write a little at a time as I go through it.  I just read the first chapter this morning, and was reminded of how much this book excited my soul the first time I read it.  I’m afraid too many Christians are like me, unexcited about Heaven and not really looking forward to going there.  We have some vague, uninformed idea of what it will be like, and it doesn’t really sound all that appealing.  I so appreciated this book and the ideas presented here.  I can’t be sure that everything described in these pages will be accurate and the way things really will be in Heaven, but I know one thing:  if Heaven really is like this, then I definitely want to spend eternity there.  Alcorn makes a lot of sense to me, and his portrayal of Heaven and eternity makes my soul quicken.  If you struggle with feeling guilty about not being excited for Heaven like I did, or if you’re just curious as to how he describes Heaven, then I challenge you to head to the library or bookstore, grab the book, and read along with me.

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One Response to Heaven, by Randy Alcorn (Part 1)

  1. Claudia says:

    We have an elderly friend who is at home waiting to go on to her reward. God was so gracious in allowing her church Bible study group to go through Randy Alcorn’s book about heaven BEFORE she found out that she had a terminal disease. She is on her way… and is excited about it. Sounds like a great book because like you said we are so busy living that we forget to be “excited” about our eternal destination.

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