I’ll take it!

Okay, week one is over.  I am pretty proud of my efforts as far as counting my points and watching my portion sizes go.  The hardest part has been in what I drink.  Do you know what 8 oz of milk really looks like?  I’m used to grabbing a cup and filling it up, but I measured out 8 oz and was kind of disappointed with how much was (not) there.  But anyway, for the results:  I lost four pounds!!  Granted, it’s the same four pounds I’ve been losing and gaining since my daughter was six weeks old, but at least this time I lost it and didn’t gain it.  Now if I can continue to lose a couple more this week, I will be over the hump, I will be seeing numbers I haven’t seen since getting pregnant this last time.  One thing I discovered last week that I’m thankful for:  Progresso light soups.  They are 0 points per serving, and they are actually good and filling.  Try the vegetable noodle and the italian style vegetable.  Both are really good, if you like vegetable soup.  So on I venture into week two.  Hopefully in another month or two, you’ll be hearing that victory shout!

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One Response to I’ll take it!

  1. Stacey says:

    Hooray for you! I need to join you in this! I have gained three of the ten I lost in China. I was hoping to be down ten more before returning to work, but when you forget you are dieting it is hard to lose! 🙂

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