Heaven, by Randy Alcorn (Part 3)

How would you picture Earth with the curse removed?  Imagine an Earth restored and redeemed from the curse.  Think of the most beautiful places you’ve seen:  the blue blue water of the Caribbean, the mysterious grandeur of the Smoky Mountains, the calm peace of acre after acre of farmland:  all these places and all the rest that I’ve seen only in pictures are under the curse, yet they are breathtakingly beautiful.  Imagine what Earth will be like once the curse is removed and Jesus is on His throne for all to worship.  (If you’re thinking that we won’t be on Earth but in Heaven, Alcorn makes a strong Scriptural case that Heaven will be on Earth.)   Earth was cursed along with humanity, and it only makes sense that Earth will be redeemed along with humanity.  It will be Eden and more.   Just let your imagination go wild as you realize, as much as your limited perception will allow, the possibilities of an Earth redeemed, restored to God’s original intent.  The redemption power of Jesus’ blood is sufficient not only for the salvation of our souls but for the salvation of all of creation.  We read about the lion laying down with the lamb, but do we actually believe that will happen?  Ponder this today, meditate on it, allow it to fill your soul with a joy and a longing to live eternally in Earth as God planned for it to be.

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2 Responses to Heaven, by Randy Alcorn (Part 3)

  1. jakestimp says:

    Amen! I love to think about how, when the curse of sin is removed, mountains will be higher, oceans will be bluer, and breezes will be warmer. Just think of the most amazing waterfall on earth now. When the curse is removed, that waterfall is gonna look ugly compared to the ones that’ll be around. I can’t wait to be around for it!

    P.S. Thanks for checking out my blog.

  2. Greg Dungan says:

    One of the greatest difficulties we deal with is the secular worldview. This worldview says there is no curse and that the world is in process. Everything in history (both noticed by human minds and unnoticed)will come and go, and unconscious silence will remain when all is finished. What a bleak future! I take comfort that the Scriptures are true, that the earth is not as it is supposed to be, and that one day, all will be changed. I take comfort that He knows my and your names, and one day He will bring us into His promised Kingdom. I long for Heaven and the sight of my Savior, and also the sight of my earthly dad. I have lately been pondering in the Word what it means to enter Heaven. I have come to the conclusion that it will be marvelous! Jammie Vance often said that the fundamental truth of death is separation. I believe that more strongly now than when he said it. The glorious thing is that there will be a place where death, the grave, and separation are gone. I long for that day, but we have others we need to take with us, so let us work while there is light.


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