An ordinary weekend

Finally we had an ordinary weekend. I absolutely love having company, and going out of town for the weekend, and doing “big” stuff like zoos and museums, but in doing things like that, it’s been a really long time since we just had an ordinary weekend. Well, we finally had one, and it was wonderful. We started Friday night with a good Monopoly session with our friends Nathan and Amy. Saturday began with my A+ husband getting up with the girls and letting me sleep until 9:00 (note: I had already been up twice with Elisabeth). After a lazy morning we headed to the drive through and the playground for lunch, home for naps, and then to our ABF (Sunday school equivalent at our church) bonfire, complete with smores and hayride. Sunday morning church was followed by lunch with Nathan and Amy, afternoon naps (Mommy included!), pancake supper (even picky girls love pancakes!), and yet another playground adventure! We just had a nice relaxed pace all weekend; no set agenda, no place we absolutely had to be except church, no pressure. May not have been the most exciting weekend we’ve had in awhile, but somehow I believe and hope that when our girls are older, this will be the kind of weekend that resides in their memories.

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4 Responses to An ordinary weekend

  1. ourfootprints says:

    Hello there. I, too, have been longing for an ordinary weekend. It just seems our weekend have always been filled with schedules.

    I agree with you as parents we always hope to create memorable memories with our loved ones.
    From your posts, I could tell you are a loving and godly mother so I have no doubts that you have left tremendous heart-prints in their life.

    Take care and Blessings for you and your family
    ~ Annita

  2. silly me says:

    the best kind of weekend!

  3. Stacey says:

    We had the same type weekend…aren’t they the best?!?!!

  4. K.T. says:

    Awesome site!I found you through silly me’s blog.Nice to meet you!!

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