Aftermath of a previous entry

One of my friends had to do a presentation on a blog for one of her college classes.  Yesterday she sent me the following story:

I gave my presentation on your blog and the day I gave it was the day you posted about Catherine and her burping bottom. So I’m talking about the blog and you and how you’re a stay-at-home mom and all that and then I click on the go button and I hear a couple of people snickering and I look up at the screen (the gigantic one in the front of the class) and there is Catherine’s quote. What a funny thing to present to your college class. Thanks for helping me get a good grade!

So my daughter and her bodily functions are becoming quite famous!  Hope you get a kick out of that as I did.

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One Response to Aftermath of a previous entry

  1. silly me says:

    that’s hilarious!! and it was one of my favorite posts!

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