Our life right now

I haven’t had a whole lot of profound thinking going on this week, but I thought I’d throw out a quick update so you’d know what’s going on with us.  First of all, Clay is preaching Sunday at a small church in western Kentucky, close to the Tennessee line.   He is preaching both services, and the guy said they “will probably want to ask you some questions Sunday night.”  The location looks good, closer to KY family as well as being close to some of our TN family.  The position, however, would be part-time, which means him having to find another job, which is what we were really hoping to avoid.  We so desire for him to have a full-time ministry position, so he can really focus on shepherding his church as well as having time to shepherd his family.  Working a second job would be difficult, but if that’s where God leads…  Anyway, pray for us as we go down there tomorrow.  It will be a lot of driving in two days.

Also, one of Clay’s best friends lost his dad to a heart attack yesterday, very suddenly.  Clay’s friend, and his friend’s mom are both believers, as was the dad, but some other family members are not, so we’re praying that this would draw them to the Lord.  If the funeral happens to be on Monday, we will probably try to extend our weekend to swing over and be there for that.  Again, pray for our travels.

Homeschool continues to go well.  Abigail still really enjoys it.  She is having absolutely no trouble grasping anything we’ve done this far, and while I still love doing school each day, part of me itches to get to something that will present a challenge to her.  I don’t want to go too fast however, and risk frustrating her at the very beginning.  It’s good for her right now just to learn concepts like concentrating, doing her best at her work, focusing, and being diligent until the task is done.  So during this time when she really already knows everything we’re doing, hopefully she can be learning these habits to help her when the work truly becomes a challenge.

Catherine and Elisabeth both continue to amaze us, as well.  Catherine can talk circles around most children her age, and sometimes we forget that she’s not even 2 1/2 yet.  Thoughts of potty-training are looming, and we’ll probably tackle that after Christmas.  Elisabeth is crawling like a maniac, pulling up on everything, and even standing alone for seconds at a time.  I’m sure she’ll beat Abigail’s walking age (12 months), but she’ll need to hurry up to beat Catherine’s (10 months).  She is a very happy baby, very mellow and content the majority of the time.

That’s about it for us right now.  We are trying hard to be patient and content to live up here, for Clay to work at Terminix, for the future to be unclear, however long God would have us wait.  So many questions remain unanswered, but for God alone my soul waits in silence, for my hope is from Him (Psalm 62:5).  We appreciate your prayers and support; we have been blessed beyond measure by the people who love us and who have shown that love in many times in many ways over the past couple of difficult years.  We love you  and pray that we may in turn be a blessing to you.

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3 Responses to Our life right now

  1. silly me says:

    i loved the pictures below!

    how old is your oldest? i worry that i did frustrate my oldest, but all i can do now is rest on His mercy. i’d love to email or blog back and forth about homeschooling. i’m in a period of doubt over my mistakes and what i’m currently doing. i know it will pass, it always does. but i could use a little extra encouragement.

    and you are a blessing.

  2. april says:

    We are in the same season of life. I am reminded of that when you speak of potty-training. We will be doing the same soon…Lordwilling.

    It is encouraging to hear how you are training good homeschool habits early. Very wise.

    I have prayed for you regarding the decisions that will need to be made for your future.

    Have a great weekend and Lord’s Day.


  3. Silly me, my oldest is four. I too would like to go back and forth with you on homeschooling. We are still just in the very beginning, so I’m sure you’ll have more to share than me. You have been an encouragement to me as well.

    April, thanks for the prayers. We covet the prayers of believers right now. How old are your kids?

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