Here comes the bride

Abigail had the blanket wrapped around her waist tonight, pretending that it was a train and she was the bride. I asked her who she was going to marry. She said, “I don’t know which man I’ll marry. I have to find one that loves God…Look, Mom, all these men want to marry me (gesturing down the hallway), but I don’t know if they love God or not…(To the first imaginary prospective groom): “Do you love God?…Mommy, he says he really wants to marry me, but he doesn’t love God, so I’m just going to walk right past him and look for a man who does love God!”

Oh, that this selection criteria would still be number one when the time comes for her to truly find her groom.

By the way, I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know that by the end of the hallway she had indeed found a groom who loved God, and they were married right there in the living room.

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5 Responses to Here comes the bride

  1. babysoup says:

    This is so sweet! That is my prayer for all 3 of my girls, that they marry someone who loves God!
    Happy Day! Christy aka babysoup

  2. Claudia says:

    This is our sincere prayer for all of your precious girls. How awesome that you have already taught her this at such a young age. Praying for you all each day.

  3. Mom says:

    I’m sure there really will be line of young men wanting to marry my lovely and smart granddaughter, but if she continues to manage stories they may have a hard time keeping up with her.

  4. Greg says:

    I sincerely do hope that that is her future, and am praying right now that it would be so. I pray that T and I would do half as good a job educating Daylan at a young age about this from the boy’s side of things. God bless:)

  5. silly me says:

    i had a new perspective on praying for my kiddos’ spouses at their young age when i learned that my husband’s grandmother had prayed diligently for so long for a wife for him. i know that my entire journey to him (and even possibly my decision to know Christ at such a late age) was due so much to her. you’re training is so good!

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