Joys in the ordinary

** Spending 2 weekends in a row with family back home, and Clay getting to hang out with some of his old youth ministry buddies

** Getting three precious days with only one child, and shamelessly napping when the baby napped

** Being the enthusiastic recipient of a running, jumping, tackling, 6:00 am hug from Abigail on Thanksgiving morning after that three day separation

** Watching the parade with my girls and hearing their shouts as they recognized some of their favorite characters

** Watching my girls wear themselves out Thanksgiving afternoon playing outside with their cousins

** Watching Elisabeth take her first steps and cutting four teeth all in the same week
** Getting to play games three out of four nights

** Seeing the numbers on the scale still going down even after Thanksgiving weekend

** Watching my sister dedicate her children to the Lord

** Driving around an unfamiliar town in search of the elusive Pizza Hut because that’s where we wanted to eat, darn it!

** Spending the entire time at said Pizza Hut trying to keep our three little pinballs from going absolutely loopy

** Pulling into the garage at the end of my fourth 6 hour drive in ten days

** Seeing my girls’ excitement when they saw their own tree in the living room Monday morning, and hearing Abigail say, “Mommy, I’m glad we’re home.”

** Letting them hang the ornaments I saved for them, and the bottom branches still being empty because they hung the ornaments on branches that were already occupied

** Putting batteries in four years worth of Hallmark singing snowmen, and then getting to listen to all of them over and over and over and over and…

** Just enjoying the normalcy of getting back into our routine

** Feeling Catherine’s pride as she drank hot chocolate out of a big-girl cup: “Mommy, I have a big-girl cup and I still have a poppy (her word for sippy cup)!” The wonder of it all.

** Sitting with Abigail as she read her second primer all by herself, and hearing her giggle as she comprehended what she was reading

** Knowing that we have many friends and loved ones who are getting as much joy from these simple ordinary moments as we are

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2 Responses to Joys in the ordinary

  1. Claudia says:

    Hey, Monica, sooooo very much enjoyed the counting blessings and simples pleasures:)

  2. Stacey says:

    It is so neat that I got to share some of these wonderful moments with you. What is even neater is that now I have many of my own even when your girls are not here with me! How great is motherhood? šŸ™‚ My family has doubled this year and gaining two new members has made me appreciate my oldest that much more. Funny how love works!

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