In one day….

….she emptied the bottom shelf of the pantry three times.

….she completely took apart the training potty and left the pieces scattered in the bathroom floor.

….she dumped out and scattered the contents of the bathroom trash can.

….she pulled over and spilled the upstairs bathroom trash can.

….she got into the kitchen trash can and ate leftover peanut butter and jelly sandwich crusts. (For some reason my daughter seems to have a thing for trash cans.)

….she pulled out the contents of Mommy’s bathroom cabinet.

….she tore a page out of the overdue library book.

….she discovered how to climb out of her high chair, and then proceeded to fall off the tray all the way to the floor.

After all this, she still managed to come off looking angelic at her 11-month photo shoot at Target. Lord, give me strength. She’s going to give Catherine a run for her money.

(You may be wondering where the supervision was at my house yesterday. Let me just say, one incident happened while I was in the shower, but the rest happened all within a few feet of me. She is just so darn quick.)

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2 Responses to In one day….

  1. Stacey says:

    So maybe Aidan rubbed off on her a bit while you were here! On the other hand, he has been angelic today, playing with his own toys and not crawling out of reach! Did we switch kids?

  2. Janet says:

    Oh, Monica,

    I’m shaking my head right now–(with the understanding of a mother who knows about those quick ones)! You sure did describe it well!

    I’m with ya, and so are my prayers!


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