How come?

From the mind of a four year old:

How come God made little kids chew with their mouths open?

What if a spider ate so many bugs that it grew so big that we could ride on it?

How come God made our fingers get wrinkly when they’re wet?

How come God made flowers?

How come God made babies not able to walk?

How come God made Heaven?

What if you and daddy weren’t my mommy and daddy?

How come that lady’s mommy named her Harriet?

How come we get thirsty?

How come milk is always cold?

How come when you drink something cold too fast it makes your head hurt?

How come God made ookies?

How come God made night so long?

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3 Responses to How come?

  1. Claudia says:

    love that bright little inquisitive mind and her mommy for being so patient:)

  2. Mom says:

    So how many of those questions could you answer? You know I’ve always said, “Mothers know everything.”

  3. silly me says:

    those are awesome!

    i know by the end of my day i cannot answer one more question. my brain just shuts down and i literally get stupider. see?

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