Half my life

Today is January 9, 2008. Fourteen years ago on this date, a boy asked a girl, “So, do you wanna start going out?” The girl shyly said, “Yes.” Now, I am 28. Then, I was 14. That means that I have given you half of my life, Clayton Hall. When I think of the awkwardness (“You’re awkward!”) of our start and the twists and turns that our relationship took during high school and college, and the perfect timing of some of the revelations and happenings, I know without a doubt that it is only by the grace of God that we are where we are. We had no clue what we were doing, we just both wanted to be part of a couple, and thought that each other would “do.” But God knew what we were doing. Abigail’s Cinderella 3 movie plays a song during the credits that says, “I still believe in destiny, that you and I were meant to be.” Well, no wife of Clay Hall could admit to believing in some vague “destiny”, but I do firmly believe in Sovereignty, and I firmly believe that you and I were definitely meant to be. You know as well as I some of the obstacles that we overcame in that dating period prior to our marriage. I knew even then that the only reason we stayed together was because God refused to give me freedom to break up with you, and you with me, I guess. I absolutely cannot imagine how my life would have played out if I had disobeyed and ended our relationship. So much of who I am is because of you. You have shaped the person I have become. There is a strength in me that would not be there but for you. There is a whole new element to my sense of humor, my maturity level, my boldness, my spiritual life, my intellect, my compassion for other people, my generosity, my faith, my level of trust, that would not be there but for your influence on me. I love you, Clay Hall. I have not always loved you, I have not always known what it meant to love you. But I love you more now than I even knew was possible after church that Sunday night. It will be my pleasure to increase the fraction of my life is spent as half of “Clay and Monica.”


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2 Responses to Half my life

  1. April says:

    Congratulations! Many more blessed years to you both!

  2. Mom says:

    On our anniversary this year (36 years) Stacey made the observation that we have been married twice as long as we weren’t. That is a very long time, but the best is yet to be. Retiring so we can play with those beautiful, smart grandchildren.

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