Sunday morning conversation

Abigail: “Daddy, look at Elisabeth. She’s a sweetie pie.”

Catherine: “She’s a cutie pie.”

Abigail: “Catherine, do you know about adorable? Adorable means cute.”

Catherine: “Daddy, she’s adowable.”

A second conversation:

Abigail: “I’m big and Catherine is little.”

Catherine: “And Elisabeth is witta too.”

Abigail: “No, Catherine. Elisabeth is tiny. Do you know about tiny? It means really little.”

Later in the day…

Abigail:  “Daddy, how come God made ookies?”

Daddy:  “To help keep the inside of our nose clean.”

Abigail, very perplexed:  “But Daddy, ookies are nasty…………I know because I put one in my mouth one time and it was nasty!”

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One Response to Sunday morning conversation

  1. April says:

    ROTFL..thanks for the laughs. Too Cute! Do you know about cute?LOL

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