Little snippets

I have seriously been neglecting my blog lately.  My brain has turned to mush the past couple of weeks and I have not been able to put two thoughts together in a coherent manner.  But here are a few little things my girls have been up to lately.


Abigail is still really enjoying school.  Her favorite part is at the end every day; we have some books that we’re going through that have crafts and activities for nursery rhymes, folk tales, and fairy tales.  She loves making things like a gingerbread man puppet, painting a field of wheat for the little red hen, and  making a cotton ball sheep for Little Bo Peep.  She is reading very well, and the phonics program we’re doing is actually just reinforcing what she already knows.  We’re up to Joshua in our Bible storybook, and she’s really remembering the Bible verses we’ve learned so far.  Her latest accomplishment is memorizing all 8 verses of Psalm 121.  She continues with gymnastics, and I’m afraid the big draw there right now is the new little boys that joined the class after Christmas.  She is fascinated by them and wants to always make sure she’s sitting by one of them.  We won’t read too much into that at this point.  She’s starting to make some new friends at church now that we’re there more often.  She is already showing signs of being a “baby person” in the way she behaves with Elisabeth.  I can count on her to be extra vigilant if I’m slacking and she’ll keep Elisabeth out of trouble.  Elisabeth loves to see Abigail coming because Abigail plays so well with her.  She and Catherine are best friends most of the time, and fight strongly the rest of the time.  They can switch back and forth at the snap of a finger.  She’ll be five years old in a couple of weeks, and she’s definitely showing signs of turning into a “big kid.”


Catherine is…Catherine.  She is as much an individual as any child I’ve ever seen.  She is one of the sweetest little girls I know, and yet she is so rough and tumble.  Her big thing right now is learning to use the potty!  It hasn’t been the overnight transition that Abigail had, but is more gradual with a couple steps backward for every step forward.  But she’s learning.  She wants to copy everything her big sister does.  This means that while Abigail is in the age-appropriate stage of asking why, how come, and what if all the time, Catherine has also started doing that about two years too early.  While Abigail is allowed to gently pick Elisabeth up and get her away from something, Catherine also tries to do so and I’ve had to rescue Elisabeth more than once as she was being roughly dragged out of the bathroom.  While Abigail is in gymnastics, Catherine sits on the sidelines and copies everything the class is doing, including a fairly decent bridge, cartwheel, and split.  She has figured out that Abigail stays downstairs when I take Catherine upstairs for a nap and has started trying to ensure that Abigail is going to take a nap, too.  She is very mellow, and while she has started throwing some genuine two year old fusses, most of the time if she puts up a fuss about anything, it’s just because she thinks that’s what she’s supposed to do, and it’s just a half-hearted effort.  She is a kid who goes with the flow.  She knows that her sister gets in trouble quite often for throwing fits, and she’ll just say, “Mom, my sister is crying again,” in a matter of fact voice.  No school yet for her, of course, but she does get to do Bible story time with us at night now, and she’s learning the catechism questions and doing quite well.  She is my easy-going, fun-loving little snugglebug.


Elisabeth is unbelievably going to be a year old next Wednesday.  This is impossible.  Clay asked me the other day what I did with the past year, did I put it in my pocket or something, because it’s inconceivable that it’s already been a year.  She is walking all over the house, sometimes going a little too fast and toppling over.  But walking is quickly becoming the mode of transportation of choice, unless Mom is there to carry her, of course.  She is a big-time Mommy’s girl, and when I put her in the floor to play while I fold laundry or something, she crawls over to me about every five minutes or so to crawl in my lap and snuggle for a second, and then she’ll go back to playing a little while longer.  She is also a huge fan of Daddy though, and when she hears his voice when he comes home at night, she just about breaks her neck trying to look around for him.  She wants so badly to be able to jump and dance around like her sisters; she loves the singing time at Bible story time each night.  She is still petite; the other day (ten days before her first birthday) she wore the outfit that Catherine got her 8-month picture made in.  I think she’s up to about 17 pounds now, which mean she’ll be my first kid to not be ready to switch car seats at her birthday.  She is starting to try to repeat what we say, and while her inflection changes to match ours, most everything still comes out sounding like da-da.  She is also pretty mellow and easy going, and always gets compliments in the church nursery for being so good.  Now that her fourth molar finally broke through, she’s been finally consistently sleeping through the night (at least until 6 or so) and she’s awfully fond of her naptimes.  When she crawls to me fussing, with red eyes and waving her hand (she waves for night-night instead of bye-bye) I know it’s time to head upstairs.  She is a definite thumb sucker, and if she’s sleepy, in a new environment, bored, or upset, that thumb is firmly in place.  At the play place at the mall the other night, a little girl came up to her and pulled her thumb out of her mouth.  Elisabeth popped it right back in and looked around for me.  When she found me she had this look of total disgust on her face (“Mom, can you believe what she just did!!”) and crawled over to me, climbed up in my lap, and just sat there sucking her thumb for awhile before she would get back down.  She is also turning into quite the climber.  The other day she crawled out of the living room.  When she didn’t come right back I went to get her, thinking she was in Daddy’s office pulling all the books of the shelf, a favorite pasttime of hers.  No.  She was in my bedroom.  Upstairs.  She had gone from the downstairs living room to the upstairs bedroom in about 60 seconds or so.  Another day she left my bedroom and I heard her fussing a minute later.  I went to find her and she was sitting on Abigail’s nightstand and couldn’t figure out how to get down.  No clue how she got up there.  She definitely keeps me hopping.

So there are a few little snippets of my kids’ lives right now.  I’m sure all get all profound again one day soon, but maybe this will hold you over until that day comes.

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