Happy Birthday, Elisabeth Anne!!

I can’t believe it’s been a year already.  You have made your place in our family just like you’ve always been here.  Whether you are trying your best to dance and jump with your sisters, or intentionally refusing to look at your daddy when he’s trying to get your attention, or sticking out your tongue at Mommy to be silly, you are constantly cracking us up.  You love music, love to walk, love to play with your sisters, love to snuggle.  You really get excited about drinking from your cup, eating yogurt, spaghetti, or pizza, and seeing Mommy when someone else is holding you.   You rival your sister Catherine when it comes to squirming and climbing onto and out of things.  Your sisters absolutely adore you, sometimes very physically.  You like life best on days that you get to stick to your routine and we don’t have any outings to mess up your naps, but you’re usually very gracious to us on the days we drag you out somewhere instead of letting you sleep.  We love you so much, little Elisabeth, and our family would not be complete had you not joined us a year ago today.  Happy birthday, sweet girl.

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One Response to Happy Birthday, Elisabeth Anne!!

  1. silly me says:

    doesn’t happen SO fast?

    and faster with each one, i think!

    my little one’s coming up on his too in march!

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