Happy Birthday, Clayton Frederic!

Happy birthday to the world’s greatest husband.  I make it through each day largely because of you.  I love you so much, and I so appreciate and admire the work that you do each day, even when you really really don’t like it, to provide for your family.  Knowing how hard you work for us gives me the strength to face things like what happened five minutes ago:  Catherine brought me a container that was upstairs.  It had a suspicious yellow liquid in the bottom of it, and she said, “Look Mom, Abigail pee-pee-ed in here!”  On calling for Abigail and interrogating her, I learned that she “just wanted to do what I did at the doctor.”  So she had peed in a bowl.  When I asked her if she made a mess like she did at the doctor, she said, “I’m trying to clean it up.”

Because of the love you give me, I can face times like these.

I love you, husband.

Happy 30th Birthday.

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2 Responses to Happy Birthday, Clayton Frederic!

  1. semperreformada says:

    oh sweet wife. i’ll kill the bugs and you deal with the pee-pee bowl -K? i think it’s a good arrangement. i love you, babe.

  2. silly me says:

    happy birthday to your honey!

    i had a pee-pee bowl incident the other night too! 2 of them (2nd boy and girl) were both peeing in a bowl in the tub while waiting for me to come run the water. at the same time! and were shocked that that was not a good idea.

    good grief.

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