Okay, okay, I know, I know

Okay, here’s the deal: Baby Hall number four will, Lord willing, make his or her (in our case, probably her) debut in September. Now, let me just field your comments here and now:

Yes, we were surprised.

Yes, we know what causes these things.

Yes, my hands will be quite full.

Yes, they’re all mine. (I know I’ll get that one in the grocery store.)

Yes, I’d like a boy.

Yes, a girl would be more convenient.

No, I don’t get much free time.

Yes, I know I just added about three more years of diapers.

Yes, I’ll be very busy.

Yes, my house will be noisy and chaotic.

Yes, our finances are quite tight.

No, adding another baby probably won’t make that any better.

Okay, I know all these things. But fortunately, I know a few more things.

Yes, my Father owns all the cattle on a thousand hills.

Yes, He loves to give good gifts to His children.

Yes, He’s been blessing us since we recommitted to good financial stewardship.

Yes, He’s provided for a family of five and I trust Him to do so for a family of six.

Yes, my husband is working very hard to provide for us, and doing everything he can to find a better job to provide more completely.

Yes, we are open to whatever God wants us to do.

Yes, we understand that we are in a time of discipline right now and the road is not easy, but also that just like in Jacob’s time of discipline, God is still with us and caring for us.

Yes, children are a gift from God. We decided a long time ago that we would trust God completely when it came to our family size and ages, and while we know that (especially after this one) we will probably have to hold off on any more possible children until we are in a different place financially (basically because we’re outgrowing our house), we also know that God gave us this baby at this time, and He never gives us more than we can handle.

Yes, we know that our provision does not ultimately come from a job, or tax refunds, or support from family and friends, all of which He’s been using for us and we’re extremely grateful for. Our provision ultimately comes from God alone, and we’re trusting Him to continue His provision for us.

My emotions have gone up and down for the last month that I’ve known about this baby. Particularly this week, I’ve been exhausted and overwhelmed and really struggling. But my walk through the Psalms helped this afternoon. I know that the only way I can honor God each day and do what needs to be done to parent my kids, love my husband, and care for my home, is through the grace of God. So I’m begging God for His grace, and if you pray for me over the next few months, pray that God would provide, definitely. But also pray that He would provide the grace that we need to do the next thing. Thank you so much for your support. We could not do this without our family and friends, and I don’t mean just the material help that you’ve generously given. Your encouragement and love and spiritual and emotional support, even when you think we’re crazy or disapprove of our choices, mean more than we could ever say. I love you all, and I’m sure New Baby will win you over!

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5 Responses to Okay, okay, I know, I know

  1. silly me says:


    i’m beyond excited for you. beyond! it’s good. it’s SO good. i love having 4. even being broke, i love it!!!

    i will pray in every direction for you!

    oh, i can’t tell you enough, i’m excited for y’all! don’t be apprehensive, be all-out thrilled!

    email me – i’d love to be “real-life” friends!

    baby 4 – you’ll be so loved you won’t know what to do with your little self!

  2. Aunt Gertie says:

    In case you did not already know…I am THRILLED!!

  3. April says:

    Congratulations! 4. What a blessing from God. Take it easy my friend.

  4. Amen! I sat with tears as I read your ltest entry! Praise God for new life! Praise God for people like you guys who still believe HE WILL PROVIDE! Sara and I can’t wait to hang with you guys soon…congrats!


  5. T.H.E.Uncle says:

    Like Aunt Gertie—-


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