Five years ago, today

Five years ago, today, it was cold and snowing big huge white flakes.  I remember, because I saw them out my hospital window.  You see, five years ago, today, I became a mother.  At 2:32 pm Abigail Nicole made her entrance, and forever changed my life.  She chose kind of a hectic time to come, with snowstorms, and close friends far away in Florida, and during the terrible, chaotic days surrounding the tragic death of one of our youth.  But what better way for God to start healing broken, grieving hearts than by giving them the miracle of new life to behold.  She was the first grandchild on both sides of the family, and was spoiled before her first sunset.  She began life with the same intensity and drama that she still shows every day, when she screamed for the whole first evening.  She calmed down, though, and we found a new normal, as we’ve done with each new addition since, and as we’ll hopefully do again this September when we welcome her third little sibling into our family.  Before she was born, I had ideas of getting a master’s and working and having a career.  From the time she was six months old though, when we moved to Louisville and I began staying home with her, I have never looked back to that other path that I almost took.  I know without a doubt that whatever twists and turns our journey has taken since her birth, that God created me to bear and raise children.  I am blessed to know and be absolutely sure that I am doing exactly what God called me to do.  My children make my life chaotic, loud, messy, and exhausting, but they make my life complete.  Without them I would be a different person, and I don’t like to think too much about who that person might be.  Having children has taught me much about myself, much about my sin, much about my world, and most importantly, much about my God.  I know that God does not call every woman to be a mother, and that is part of His good plan.  But I thank Him every day, several times a day, that He included motherhood in His plan for me, and I am so thankful for that day five years ago that started me down this crazy, beautiful path.

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One Response to Five years ago, today

  1. Aunt Gertie says:

    I agree that you were created to be a mother! I love you and I love your beautiful girls more than I ever thought possible. Five years ago our whole world changed for the better!

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