Goody two shoes, much?

We went to Chick Fil-A on Valentine’s night to take advantage of their Valentine’s 2 eat for the price of 1 special.  While we were there, we were (as usual) constantly having to remind Abigail to eat, please.  At one point, Catherine randomly said, “Hey, Mom, aren’t you glad that your daughter is picking up her chicken, dipping it in her ketchup, putting it in her mouth, and putting it back in her box?”  Trying not to laugh, and trying to remember that this child is only 2 years old and really shouldn’t be talking like this, I said, “Well, yes.  I am glad.”  She then smugly pointed out, “Abigail is not doing that.”  When I told her that we would worry about Abigail’s eating habits and she should focus on her own, she (trying her best to make me see that she was indeed being the good child) said, “Well, aren’t you glad that your daughter is drinking her milk?”  Again, I said yes, and again I heard a smug little voice say, “Well, Abigail isn’t.”

Okay, so the lesson didn’t exactly take at that point.  Hopefully she will continue to watch and learn from her sister’s mistakes (Abigail certainly gives her ample opportunity), and maybe the next couple of years with Catherine will be smoother than the previous ones with Abigail.  We will continue working on the self-righteous attitude, though.

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2 Responses to Goody two shoes, much?

  1. April says:

    Wow…she is a really great talker for two. For her to even compose that sentence mentally is pretty impressive.


  2. Nathan says:

    Hilarious. Especially the ability to talk in the 3rd person. Bob Dole would be impressed.

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