Fun times

The past two weeks we have been blessed with visits from family.  Clay’s parents came up the week before last for a few days.  We got to enjoy Chuck E. Cheese, an afternoon out alone for Mommy, a date for Mommy and Daddy, and just fun visiting together.  The girls loved visiting with their grandparents at their own house for a change.  Then this week, my family, including my sweet niece, came up for a few days.  We had fun shopping (of course!), visiting the toy store, and having a picnic at the park on the first great day of spring!  The girls loved getting to play with Savannah, and also entertain Nanny, Papa, Aunt Gertie, Nanny Sheryl, Britani, and Bree at their house.  It was really hard to say goodbye, and I think the only way any of us managed was the knowledge that we’re going down there this weekend for a Gatlinburg trip.

We’re still praying that God would provide Clay a new job.  This situation will only work a short time longer.  Sometimes it’s hard to be patient and trust, but the truth is that He is in control and working for us, for our good.  I have to accept that His answer may not be exactly what I, in my limited perspective, think should happen.  He may not provide a different job with more income and better benefits.  It may not be in Lafayette or Somerset.  He may choose some totally different way to change our situation.  But I know with all I am that He is good and has good in mind for me, whether I can see it now or not.  With the limited knowledge that we have right now, though, we are praying for a new job either here or in Somerset, so please pray along with us.

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