Gatlinburg memories

We spent last weekend in Gatlinburg with our family and a bunch of women from our home church. The women attended a women’s conference while the men kept the kids, then we all got to “do vacation” a little in between conference sessions. Here’s a few of the highlights, in no particular order:

* counting down the days on the princess calandar until time to go

* getting to stop and see Linda for a little bit on the way down there

* driving out of the rain around Corbin and not really seeing rain again until we were leaving, even though it was forecast for all weekend

* getting to “live at a hotel” for a few days

* watching Catherine sing “Here is Grandma’s glasses” over and over and over and expecting a standing ovation every time

* watching three little cousins jump up and down when they saw each other

* gaining a new perspective of the “fun-ness” of walking the strip (things are different when you have three small children with you)

* Abigail getting to see Herbie, and Herbie stinky-ing on Catherine

* coming back from the first night’s session and finding Clay sitting in the chair he had pulled in the bathroom, reading a book with the door closed and the light on so that he wouldn’t wake up the girls who had finally fallen asleep

* comforting Abigail in the middle of the night when she couldn’t figure out what thing was on her pillow (it was her sister.)

* sitting through an unintended double session of Kay Arthur (she thought she had more time than she really did, and she took it anyway) when everybody was itching to go shopping

* taking four little girls pony riding and kiddie riding Saturday afternoon

* watching Savannah’s excitement at riding her first pony

* watching Abigail looking like royalty with her sunglasses on while riding her pony

* the bittersweet realization that my oldest child was old enough to ride all the rides by herself

* getting Abigail a candy apple

* watching Clay follow Elisabeth around the building 19 times during our 40 minute wait at Olive Garden

* waiting 40 minutes to get a table, only to have to take Elisabeth out to the van because she threw a royal fit

* being commended on my discipline of Abigail by a total stranger, when really I had not handled things well at all (as evidenced by the fact that a total stranger saw everything)

* skipping out on the concert to hang out in the room with Dad and Clay after our girls conked out

*  hearing all about the trolley ride that they finally got to take, and the taffy they finally got to eat while I was in my session Sunday morning

* and last but not least, wondering with Brooke when the heck Adjourn is going to start showing up for their concerts. I mean, really, you’d think they’d at least have the decency to call if they’re not coming!

We had a great trip. Thanks, Mom, for letting us go. I’ll put a few pictures up later when I get some.

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One Response to Gatlinburg memories

  1. Aunt Gertie says:

    Isn’t it fun experiencing firsts with nieces?

    I enjoyed Abigail’s caramel apple too!

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