Typical at my house

When a house is filled with active, imaginative little girls, certain sounds and sights become typical that would most likely appear funny or even strange to others who are not as familiar with what active, imaginative little girls can accomplish. Most of the time anymore, I don’t even notice such sights and sounds as being out of the ordinary, because they are very much what make up my ordinary. But it occurred to me one day as I walked into the hallway and saw this:

that other people might not see this as normal. So then I started keeping my eyes and ears open, and I think the results of what is ordinary to me, might be somewhat amusing to you.

Other typical sights (please note that these were all taken the same day, but similar situations can be seen almost any day at my house):

I took several more, but I think you get the idea.  (By the way, I’m not quite sure what was wrong with Sleeping Beauty in the picture on the left.  She certainly looks distraught in a Scarlett O’Hara sort of way, doesn’t she?)  Just always remember to watch your step at my house, because Little People and the little Disney Princesses are also frequently lined up and set up in various positions all over the floors and other hard surfaces. And woe on anyone who moves any of these “children” without permission from their “mother.” Weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth are sure to commence.

As far as sounds go, it is not at all unusual in any house with small children to hear “Mommy!” shouted any number of times throughout the day. What may or may not be unusual at my house, is that they are rarely talking to me. More often than not, that was either a baby doll calling them, or Catherine is calling Abigail, who happens to be her mommy at the moment. It’s gotten to where I just wait until the calling intensifies before I answer, because if I answer and they’re not talking to me, then I have just spoiled their little alternate reality by forcing them to acknowledge my presence, and I get thoroughly chastised.

Something a little disconcerting that is often heard at my house, is when Catherine comes up to me and says calmly, “Jonathan is dead.” Essential to understanding this is the knowledge that Abigail is Jonathan, and she/he dies several times a day when this game is played. On checking, I will find Abigail lying on the ground suffering Oscar-worthy death throes, and we mourn for a minute then go on with our day, comforted by the knowledge that Jonathan will soon bounce up and go on with life, only he most likely will be Sarah or someone else for awhile before he dies again.

Along the same lines, I often hear my girls calling for Jonathan, Seraphina, Sarah, or Rachel as they play. I’ve learned my lesson about answering when they’re not talking to me, so I don’t even ask them who they’re calling for at these times, and I would never point out that there’s no one here by those names.

Catherine really needs to take better care of Seraphina. I’ve already smushed Seraphina so many times in the van (I don’t know when she’ll learn to stay out of the passenger seat!) that now Seraphina refuses to ride in the van with us and instead walks along beside us. Then this morning, Catherine solemnly informed me that Seraphina was sleeping next to Daddy last night and I consequently smushed her all night long, and Seraphina is now very upset. What does it say about my ordinary that I actually apologized to Seraphina.

I also often hear shouts like, “The pirates! The pirates are chasing us!” and “I’m gonna kill you! Ha ha ha ha!”, which sounds very disturbing coming from my sweet little two year old. The bad men and the bad soldiers are chasing them into the river even now as I write, and I just heard, “Hurry, Jon, run!” which proves my point about the whole Jonathan thing.

Anyone who was brave enough to bug my house and listen in for a day would quite possibly be concerned with all these goings-on, but as I said, I never even realized that these happenings might not be taken in stride by most people until just a couple weeks ago. This is my ordinary. And to me, it is beautiful.

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5 Responses to Typical at my house

  1. Aunt Gertie says:

    Your ordinary is beautiful to me too! I have laughed so hard I am crying! I love my nieces’ imaginations!!

  2. Jackie says:

    My two girls have a similar world here. The other day Bekah was a preemie because she was born too early. Hannah was the doctor who had to perform surgery. Unfortunately, Bekah did not make it and we had to pray for her mommy in her time of sadness. Bekah teaches a class here daily at which time I get to find out what she actually did at school all day by listening in. And, I have often answered to mommy when I was not really mommy. I get chastised as well. I can relate so well! Love reading your posts!

  3. Mom says:

    You do remember that your brother, whom we all know as Eric, said his name was Jason and carried Jane and John around in a paper bag.

  4. silly me says:

    it is beautiful!!

    and so foreign to my star wars, spiderman, batman, superman house. although, the pirates sounded all too familiar. my girl would LOVE to live next door to y’all!

  5. T.H.E. Uncle says:

    Can you imagine a boy coming up behind these three girls?

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