Um, watch Mommy’s self-esteem, okay?

So I recently posted the comment that Abigail made about my tea.  Well, tonight I took Catherine to the bathroom at the pizza restaurant.  Some good background knowledge here is that she has a tiny bit of fear of falling in the toilet due to her tiny little bottom not really supporting her well.  So after she sat there and did nothing for awhile, Mommy needed a turn.  As I sat down, she looked up at me and said, “I don’t have a big bottom like you that fits there so well!”  I said, just to clarify and maybe to squeeze some other meaning out of that (yeah, right!), “Does Mommy have a big bottom?”  The answer?  A matter-of-fact, “Yes.”

The clincher was when we walked out of the stall to wash our hands, only for me to see the smirk on the woman’s face who was in there and heard the whole thing.  Oh, well.

If anyone is concerned with their self-esteem level, they should really think long and hard before having children.  The truth will come out.

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One Response to Um, watch Mommy’s self-esteem, okay?

  1. Claudia says:

    “Don’t ask, ’cause kids tell.” Thanks for being so transPARENT makes the rest of us look bad:)

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