Baby update

We went this morning for the mid-point ultrasound.  Everything looked great.  The baby had its little arms and hands right up on the side of its face, looking like it was sleeping.  You could see little fingertips right on top of the head.  It was wiggling around a lot while she was poking it in different places.  That little heart was beating strong.  And as far as finding out the gender, which we absolutely did NOT want to do, those little legs were squeezed together quite tightly, and the lower legs were crossed at the ankles.  Good little baby, no unintentional surprises here.  I’m about 21 weeks, so just barely over halfway there!

Here’s one of the ultrasound pictures, of the baby lying on its back, with the profile in clear view.

We are so thankful for the new life that God has blessed us with, and we’re trusting Him to provide every step of the way.

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3 Responses to Baby update

  1. April says:

    How precious! Fearfully and wonderfully made he/she is…..Congratulations again!


  2. Mom says:

    I can already tell he/she is going to be another beautiful baby!!

  3. silly me says:

    celebrating with you!

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