The story uv Moly

Abigail wrote and illustrated a story all on her own the other day. She just woke up and said, “Mom, I need a notebook to write a story.” I tried to scan her cover page, which had the title above on it, and her illustration, but they wouldn’t scan in on my scanner. So here’s the story as she dictated to her daddy:

Once there was a girl named Molly and she was four years old. She had a brother named Billy and he always loved to chase her and say, “BOO!” And Molly had a cousin named Sally and she had a brother named Tanner and Tanner was eight. Billy was actually ten. And Sally and Molly had a cousin named Madison and Madison’s big brother was named David. David was twelve years old and Molly had a best friend named Samuel and Samuel’s friend was Abigail. And Billy and Tanner and David and Samuel had another friend and his name was John. And John had a sister named Sarah. Sarah was six. And John was nine. And one day, Molly and Billy and Tanner and Sally went to Molly’s backyard and soon they found a meadow. And then they went to Abigail’s house and they went to the meadow of the backyard of Abigail’s house. And then they went inside Abigail’s house and wanted to dress up in the dress up clothes. And then it started raining. And then they went on a puddle walk. The end.

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3 Responses to The story uv Moly

  1. Claudia says:

    Tell the newest author that I loved her story. She is a very gifted writerlike her mother and I would love to hear more stories from her creative mind. Thanks to both of you precious writers:)

  2. Greg says:

    that is precious, and I laughed out loud at it

  3. ndefalco says:

    I like how she randomly inserted their ages. I know some children story books that read much the same way.

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