Where we stand right now

So, to follow up on earlier posts…

It is financially impossible for us to keep on in this house with this job.  So, while we are going to keep calling periodically the one factory here in Lafayette that has his resume that would pay enough, in the meantime we are job-hunting in or around Somerset.  The easiest thing would be to stay, and we’d get to stay involved at our church and Clay could go to seminary here in 2010 if we stay, and that would all be fine with us.  But God will have to provide another job for that to happen, and the one factory is the only job we know of here that would both pay enough and hire someone with Clay’s experience and education, or lack thereof.  So the only thing we know to do is to look at getting back to Somerset ASAP to be in a position that will help us get out from under this debt so that we can look to the future of seminary and ministry without that burden.  It’s hard enough to ask a church to support a family of six, without needing enough income for debt payments too.  So that’s where we stand.  If you have any job leads, let us know.  If you have any thoughts of us, pray for us.  We’re excited to see what God is going to do.  We know that He can pull something out of His hat unexpectedly.  The last time we made plans to move to Somerset, Clay received a promotion at UPS the Friday before we were supposed to move.  We know He called us here for a reason.  We also know it may be awhile (like when we get to Heaven) before we know what that reason is.  Maybe it’s been fulfilled and we’ll truly end up in Somerset this year, but maybe not and maybe He’ll provide the job we need to stay here and serve a greater purpose.  All we know is to take the steps that it seems He’s given us to take now, and He will accomplish His purpose, whether that means working out all or none of our current Somerset plans.  So that’s us in a nutshell.

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