See what you think about this.

A friend of ours, now living in Florida, just posted on his blog an interesting post on the current education system.  He says things more straight-forward than I would, and his blog by no means covers everything that could be said, positive or negative, about public education, but it’s worth a read anyway.  While most of you know that we are homeschooling and completely dedicated to this education method for the long haul (which keeps getting longer with every pregnancy), you may not know that we are committed to the classical Christian method.  While Nathan’s post does not deal directly with classical education, it does mention it as it compares with elementary school practices in public schools.  I’ll probably write more later just defining and explaining this education philosophy, but this might give you a small taste for now.  You’ll find his post by clicking on the Believe to Reason link on the left side of my home page.  (I don’t know how to link in the text.)  Let me know what you think.

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One Response to See what you think about this.

  1. Jackie says:

    It was a good read. While I don’t think the state of public education in small towns of KY is as negative as in the bigger areas, I do think we are in need of reform. I have been saddened by the education and methods at my child’s public school here in small town, KY. Yet, I feel trapped into the system because I see no alternatives. I also completely agree that they have the attitude that we should let them teach our children and not tell them how to do it. I have been in several parent meetings and have been told that same message many times over in various ways. He is right that you start believing that know what is best when truly the parents know their child better. I admire your role as a home school mother. The intelligence of your children is just a tidbit that you are already reaping and what you will reap for doing this. I also know that Stacey is a public school teacher who seems to work in an exceptional school. I have not seen the level of involvement and activity that she has in her school in any other school. The larger picture does make one wonder where we can be headed and what price our children will pay for it. Thanks for the post.

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