A little back and forth

A friend recently wrote me this:
All Christians are blessed with God’s unlimited and amazing grace, but some Christians are blessed with specific gifts in certain areas that seem to exceed that of other Christians. For instance, John MacArthur has a huge grasp of teaching the Bible, Bily Graham is a great evangelist that speaks to many people, and the owner of Chick-fil-A has a great amounts of business knowledge and money to which he applies Christian principle. The gift in which the Hall family exceeds others is child-bearing. If you all live in Indiana from now on, and marry all your kids off there, you will soon be related to everyone. If you could have some boys, soon Hall’s would fill the phone book. In fact, if you continue at the current rate, you all might be able to have your own town, county, or even state composed of nothing but Halls.

God Bless You All

My response:

Well, we thought and thought about what specific gift might be ours. We knew that while Clay is a good teacher, there are, it is true, a few others, like MacArthur, who are better. While, if we lead all of our children to Christ that will add up to a pretty good evangelical statistic, we are still no Billy Graham. And quite frankly, we’re too poor to be Mr. Truett, the owner of Chick Fil-A. So what could our gift, our mark on the world be? And then it hit us: we’ll make babies, lots of them and quite quickly. We will succeed in dazzling the more sober minds around us with our child-bearing speed, and by doing so while poor and broke we will amaze the world with God’s goodness and how He provides for us. So we’re really doing this for everyone else, you see. We want them to see the glory of God’s provision so badly that we’re sacrificing our own sanity in the meantime.

God bless you too.

Just one example of all the child-bearing jokes that we hear every week.  If I shared them all, you’d be bored.

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One Response to A little back and forth

  1. Greg says:

    Touche sister 🙂 Thank God for you and your family. Also, I read on another post here about Somerplans–man I wish you guys could serve at my church, but I know that isn’t possible right now (maybe God will do something great). Anyways, may He lead you on!

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