New funnies

Catherine has recently entered the realm of knock-knock jokes.  You all know what a 2-year-old knock-knock joke sounds like, so I won’t bore you with those details.  But yesterday, she started a new form of joke that she finds absolutely hilarious.  It goes something like this:  “Hey, Mom!  Get it?  Spoon!”  And then she waits on the laughter.  Any random word can be inserted after the “Get it!”  Do you know how many of those jokes it takes before it gets really old?

Abigail, on being informed that she gets to be a flower girl in Britani’s wedding, was very excited, but then a little while later, emphatically informed me that she was NOT going to be a flower girl, she was going to be a ring bearer because her name was Peter.  Thankfully, we have a year to work this out.

Totally unrelated, we got our tax rebate today!!!  Our economy might be in a mess, but God still works through it!

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