11:30-12:15 today. I am not exaggerating a bit.

No, Bessie, Mommy can’t hold you right now, I’ve got to clean up the lunch mess. Okay, okay, just a minute, don’t cry. I’ll hold you in just a minute. No, no, don’t pull all the wipes out of the box again. No, Bess, we don’t pull hair. Abigail, I know that hurt, but try to stop crying. Oops, Abigail, you forgot to push your chair in. Elisabeth, get down! No, no, don’t climb in the chair. No, don’t climb on the table. Elisabeth, come here! No, no, Bess, be gentle with the dog. We don’t try to hold his ears. Yes, I see you’ve got a little ball. No, no, don’t put it in your mouth. Uh-oh, Catherine! You forgot to close the bathroom door. No, no, Elisabeth, don’t climb on Catherine’s potty! No, don’t get the toothbrushes! Here, let Mommy have the toothbrush. Let’s go upstairs. You want to watch Mommy fold clothes? No, no, don’t start pulling everything out of the cabinet. Oops, that’s Daddy’s clippers, don’t need those! Nope, you can’t get in Mommy’s drawer either, don’t need that lotion. I know that made you mad but you may as well stop crying because I’m not going to give it to you. No, no, no, no don’t pull the……Elisabeth, you pulled all the T-shirts down in the floor that Mommy just folded! Now I have to fold them all again. Now, I’m going to clean the bathroom, you go play with Abba and Catherine. No, you just want to stay with me? Well, watch out of my way. No, quit playing with the toilet seat. No, no, Bess, don’t play with the toilet seat. Okay, I’ll hold the seat down with one hand and clean the tub with the other. I’m Supermom, I can do that, pregnant belly and all. Oops, let go for a minute. No, Elisabeth, get your hand out of the toilet water. Is it your naptime yet? No, thirty more minutes. Okay, let’s go in the other room and put Abigail and Catherine’s clothes away. No, no, don’t play with the CD player. Here, you want to play with the toy airplane? No, well, okay. Why don’t you go find your pup-pup? No, you’re just going to stay with me? What, Catherine? Oh, why didn’t you go to the potty! Let’s go clean you up. Elisabeth, you really don’t need to come in here with us. Okay, Catherine, let Mommy wipe you off. No, Bess, don’t help me! Shooey! Elisabeth! Don’t try to reach in the potty! Please please please go somewhere else!!! Okay, Catherine, you’re all clean. What time is it? Fifteen more minutes? You want an early nap today? Here’s your blankie and your pup-pup. Night night, Elisabeth. Take a nice, looooong nap!

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3 Responses to 11:30-12:15 today. I am not exaggerating a bit.

  1. semperreformada says:

    I love you, wife. I promise Elisabeth won’t always need this much attention, K?

  2. Claudia says:

    Ha, made me tired just to read of it all. . . this too shall pass… and as steve says about our past life episodes “know what makes them the ‘good ole days’?” They are the OLD days, meaning gone:)

  3. Jackie says:

    I try to think of songs like “you’re gonna miss this” and “then they do” and now there is a Christian song “writing on the wall” or something. Oh, and there are those poems you often get with handprints saying how someday you can look back on those too. Maybe it will help to think those thoughts? That’s what I tell myself. But, Bless Your Heart…you really are SuperMom! God has given you a gift of motherhood in the best possible ways!!

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