Happy Birthday, Catherine Grace!

Note: When a black box pops up, click the x to see the rest of the pictures.  I’m not sure why slide.com keeps doing this to me.

My sweet Catherine Grace. Usually I say that I can’t believe my children are already as old as they are, but in your case, I can’t believe that you’re just now turning three. I think you were born already a big girl. You continually amaze your family with the grown-up sounding things that you say and the way you act. You have such a sweet spirit. Your spontaneous expressions of love and gratitude for the people that you love makes my heart swell. Today when you opened your presents, everything you got was “just what you wanted!” You are often heard to say without prompting, “Mommy, I love you so much! I’m so glad you’re my mommy!” or “Daddy, I’m so glad you’re here to eat supper with us!” You are definitely becoming a big girl, and now you go to gymnastics just like Abigail and you get to go to Bible school this year, too, both things that you are truly excited about. You take such good care of your baby dolls, and you play the little sister role superbly, being content to take the leftover toys that Abigail didn’t pick. You also take very good care of your baby sister, although sometimes she has to be rescued from your “caring” grasp. I know you’ll be a great big sister to the new baby in September as well. You pray every night for everyone in our family to get new hearts, and my most fervent prayer is that you and your sisters would soon know the joy that a new heart will bring. May your sweet spirit grow and be used by God as His child to continue to touch the lives and bring joy to those around you. I love you, Catherine Grace. Happy birthday, sweet girl.

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