Being a helpmate may involve…

Since I have a friend who recently became engaged, I thought I would share a little about the past 24 hours in our family.  When a woman gets married, the Bible says that she then becomes her husband’s helper.  This is the primary role of a wife, to be a helper that is perfectly suitable for her husband.  This could involve any number of things, since every husband needs help in a different kind of way.  Let me just share the ways I have needed to be a helper for my husband over the past 24 hours.

Being a helpmate may involve…

…being at VBS working away when you receive a call from your husband saying that his work truck is breaking down and you need to leave right then to go meet him at Firestone to pick him up.

…taking him, with your one year old in the backseat, to Blockbuster to finish his last service of the day before heading back to VBS to pick up your older two children.

…stopping by his boss’s home to drop off dead bee from Blockbuster in the mailbox so boss can identify what type of bee it is.

…finding out the next morning that his truck will not be ready for him to work today, and you need to drive him an hour away to the office to get the spare truck so he can actually work today.

…realizing that it really would be easier just to stop off in Crawfordsville on the way so he can do those two services and not have to drive back there once he gets his truck.

…going through a drive through to get self and kids lunch so they don’t starve while husband works and we wait in the van.

…sitting in the van in the parking lot of an apartment complex from 11:08 to 12:10 while husband kills bugs, girls eat lunch and watch the DVD player that is worth its weight in gold, and wife takes advantage of the only reading material that happens to be handy and marks the homeschool catalog with our plans for 2008-2011.

…sitting in the parking lot of stop number two for close to an hour before husband and secretary finally figure out how to get in touch with the man who is supposed to let husband in to kill ants, while kids begin movie number two and wife marks homeschool catalog from with plans for 2012-2017.

…continuing to sit from 1:30 to 1:42 while husband finally sprays for ants.

…realizing that now it is too late to drive to Indy to get truck and still make it to Kokomo in time to do necessary stops, which means that all of us must now go together to Kokomo in the van.

…riding for an hour and a half to Kokomo while children finally nap.

…getting to first Kokomo stop and finding out that they don’t want service today.

…sitting from about 3:20-3:50 in van while husband deals with rats, children begin going slightly loopy in backseat, and wife begins going cross-eyed from looking at the same homeschool catalog for so long.

…having husband get back in van carrying a container holding rat droppings that have to come with us so he can take them into the office for some reason.

…realizing that it is now 4:00 and there is most likely no way wife will make it to VBS in time to help at 5:30, so calling the church to find the lady’s number to call and leave her an apologetic message that I can’t help tonight.

…arriving at last stop to find out that they don’t have any need for service today either, but he can spray around the building anyway.

…going through a drive through for a second time to feed the kids (and parents) yet another healthy meal to be eaten in the car.

…finally heading home, during which time the kids begin going absolutely loopy in the backseat.

…actually making it to VBS on time, telling kids to jump as hard as they can in the jumpy thing to release some of their energy, promising Catherine’s teacher that the brown stain on her bottom really is chocolate milk, even though she was sitting in her carseat and I have no idea how it only spilled on her bottom and nowhere else, and telling the lady I called earlier to disregard the crazy message she’ll hear when she gets home.

…finally heading back to Firestone to get the now repaired truck so that we don’t have to do all this again tomorrow.

…doing all this (at least until the supper drive through when we finally could throw trash away) with three dirty diapers in the floor at my feet because none of the offices had changing facilities (how strange) or seemed to want dirty diapers left in their trashcan.

So, wives, remember that you never know what your husband might need you to help him with, and you need to be prepared to help him “with a happy heart,” as we tell our kids.  It helps, in times like this, to just absolutely laugh like a crazy person in the midst of it all.  It also helps to plan out your blog while the frustrating situation is still happening, because knowing that you can write a funny story about it makes it a tiny bit easier to handle.

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3 Responses to Being a helpmate may involve…

  1. semperreformada says:

    i couldn’t ask for a better helpmate, wifey . . . but then again, what’s 140 miles and 7 more hours in a van with three kids after you just drove 6 hours 3 days ago with them anyway?

  2. Monica,

    Here are some blogs that I think you would like. (All of them are mothers with a twist, they all have cancer), but they all have wonderful outlooks.

  3. April says:

    Chocolate milk stain….LOL. You’re a good wife.

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