Catherine the 3 year old

We actually celebrated Catherine’s birthday twice in one day, once at Grandmama and Poppaw’s and once at Nanny and Papa’s.  These shots are from Nanny and Papa’s after swimming for awhile.  We had a Dora party again, and the birthday girl requested “doughnuts and pupcakes” instead of a cake, so that’s what we had.  Some of the swimming shots will show up in a different slide show.  She was incredibly sweet at both parties, proclaiming every gift to be just what she wanted, and expressing very emphatic thanks without being prompted.  She got the funniest look on her face when we sang Happy Birthday to her; I think she was a little embarrassed at being the center of attention but loving it anyway.  Bless her heart, after watching her two sisters and her cousin celebrate birthdays all within a couple weeks of each other this past winter, she waited a long time for it to be her turn, and we tried to do it up right for her.

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