Summer fun

Enjoy our pictures from the Lexington Children’s Musuem, swimming at Nanny’s, swimming at our house (with a shampoo thrown in!), and just general summer fun.

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One Response to Summer fun

  1. Suzanne says:


    it’s been so long since i’ve visited your site. i’m sorry. i hope you’re doing well.

    i’ve thought of you and prayed for you.

    i was looking through a few of your posts i’ve missed and i came across the one about the book about family integrated church. awesome. i have to read that book. my husband and i are very much in agreement and it’s very hard to go against the grain.

    i also wanted to ask you if i could link you on my 2under2 site and put that beautiful Christmas picture of your whole family next to the link. please let me know.

    either way, i’ll be back to visit more often.

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