Why was I surprised?

Last week we used our free Chick Fil-A kid’s meal coupons from VBS, and the “toy” was actually pretty cool.  They each got a CD with basic phrases in different languages; we got Spanish, Chinese, and Russian.  Abigail is absolutely fascinated with different languages, so she especially was thrilled.  Yesterday we popped in the Spanish one on the way to gymnastics.  I was listening to her try to repeat the phrases as the lady said them, and some of them were kind of difficult.  She did pretty well on the one or two word phrases, but sometimes it was a complete sentence or two, and when those popped up, I would hear her make little comments like, “Oh, that one sounds hard,” or “I can’t say that,” or “I don’t know what she said.”  Every time I would hear that, I would comment back something like, “That’s okay,” or “Yeah, that one sounded really hard.”  She never answered me, so I finally quit saying anything.  That’s when I realized that she wasn’t talking to me.  Every time she said something like that, she immediately answered herself much the same way as I had been doing.  I’m not sure who she was being, but she was being two different people at the same time; one was getting discouraged and the other was making her feel better.  After all the times she has done things like this, why was I even surprised?

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