Happy birthday, America

For us, the greatest celebration of our country’s birthday was that Clay had three days off in a row!!  Unheard of in this job.  We started off Friday morning singing “Happy Birthday dear America”, and a pancake, egg, and sausage breakfast at home.  Then it was time to get ready to drive to Conner Prairie to meet Grandmama and Poppaw who were coming to spend the weekend with us.  The rain threatened but did not deliver on its threats, and we were able to spend the afternoon living history.  Conner Prairie (just northeast of Indy) is a great place, but geared mainly toward older kids.  My girls’ favorite part was the playroom that we visited at the end of the day.  But it was a good day.  We made it back to Lafayette in time to lay Elisabeth down, and Clay and I took the older two to see fireworks.  We have never tried this before since our kids are so fond of bedtime (or at least Clay and I are so fond of their bedtime), but Abigail had been getting so excited every time she saw a picture or TV clip of fireworks that we decided to take her this year, and Catherine got to join in the fun.  We were at a great spot, and our girls loved the show.  They quickly decided that Tinker Bell and her pixie dust must be contributing to the beauty in the sky.  We made it home around 11:30, and it was a good thing that Clay tried a shortcut to avoid the traffic jam leaving the airport field, because if he hadn’t we’d have made it home a good half hour earlier.  (Yes, you read that right.)

On Saturday we met Grandmama and Poppaw at the park for lunch, then enjoyed the train ride and the zoo before heading home for rest time.  Clay and I took advantage of free babysitters and headed out to play miniature golf (he beat me, but we both did pretty badly) and the obligatory date-trip to Wal-mart, this time to buy my “homemade” dessert to take to the church picnic.  Everyone enjoyed a trip to the “ice cream restaurant” (Culver’s) for dinner, then it was home to put some exhausted girls–not to mention an exhausted mommy–to bed.

On Sunday we got to worship together at our church, then enjoy Faith’s annual community picnic.  Great food, great weather, pony rides, “jumpy” things, kiddie carnival games, plus a lot of other activities that we did not participate in, although Catherine really wanted to try the motorcycle rides.  The picnic came to a rather hairy end as it was time to part ways with Grandmama and Poppaw and saying goodbye combined with sheer exhaustion usually results in a pretty good fit, and this time was no different.  But we made it home and all got a rest.   Not ready to let his long weekend end quite yet, Clay was up for yet another trip to the park that evening, but I begged him to find something to do that involved air conditioning, so we ended up at the mall playplace, then McD’s-with-a-playground for dinner.  After the girls were in bed, we finished up the long weekend with the movie Vantage Point which we rented at McDonald’s believe it or not.

On Monday, Clay was back to work; party’s over.  The girls and I stayed home and not a single one of us got dressed and I did absolutely nothing until Clay called to say he was on his way home, at which point I threw some toys from the living room to the playroom, narrowly missing a daughter with one flying toy.  I was quite exhausted and ready to stop having fun for awhile.  🙂

Now we focus on waiting for baby, with one more fun weekend thrown in at the end of the month.  Maybe I’ll be recovered from this past weekend before time to tackle that one!

Happy birthday, America.  Thank you, God, for letting me live in this great country and for the freedoms that go along with it, and for all the sacrifices that have been made to make those freedoms possible.

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