At 32 weeks

Wow, I really intended to write more new baby updates than this, but in all actuality, there’s not really a lot to be said.  I’ll hit the 32-week-mark tomorrow, leaving 8 weeks to go before we find out if we have a Samuel or a Lily.  At this point, I have grown larger than I imagined I could have, although I say that every pregnancy.  Catherine comments at all inopportune times on the size of my belly, and while sitting in my lap last week in the very full parents’ section at gymnastics, thought nothing of jerking my shirt up and yelling, “Good morning, new baby,” attracting several glances from those nearby before I could get myself adequately covered again.  My children are getting into the pregnancy thing, “giving birth” sometimes several times a day to all kinds of stuffed creatures.  They disagree on their gender preference; Abigail says she absolutely does not want a boy because she doesn’t want to have to move her toys to make room for…”BOY stuff!” (said with all the disgust she can muster.)  Catherine waits until Abigail is done proclaiming this and then calmly says, “I want a brother,” in her little Catherine voice.  I think it’s the thrill of disagreeing with Abigail more than any real brotherly preference.  Me, I’ve about decided I prefer a girl this time, too.  It’s the first time ever, I’ve wanted a boy every time.  But a girl would really be more convenient–I know how to do girls, we have all the clothes already, and Elisabeth and this baby will have to share a room until we can afford a bigger house, which is nowhere on our radar right now.  But even considering the convenience issue, let’s be honest–if Clay tells me it’s a boy in that delivery room I’ll be absolutely thrilled.  I get all the second glances while out in public that I anticipated, when they see my grocery cart already surrounded by little girls and then see my protruding belly.  On the rare occasion that my kids are elsewhere, people will say, “Oh, is this your first?”  It’s fun, but getting a little tiresome too, to watch their facial reaction when I say, “No, my fourth.”  Being pregnant in the heat of summer with three little ones bouncing around me is definitely more exhausting than being pregnant in the blessed cool of winter, but other than sheer exhaustion pretty much around the clock, I am holding up quite well physically.  I had the sugar test to check for gestational diabetes a little over three weeks ago.  I passed the test, but it took two nurses and four sticks to get the blood drawn, and 23 days later I STILL have a bruise on my arm.  Emotionally, I have succombed to a couple of crying spells and a few uncontrollable laughing fits, usually late at night when I’m already dead tired and I have to fight to keep from waking up my children, which always makes it that much harder to quit for some reason.  But my husband is a trooper.  He lets me cry, or laugh, or sometimes both at the same time, and (most of the time) doesn’t even point out the obvious-that it’s really hormones and exhaustion crying and not the terrible situation that I think is there.  If I have to name a craving this time, it’s probably fountain coke or fountain cherry coke.  Not the healthiest, I know, but I’ve actually caught myself counting out nickels to see if I have enough to swing through a drive through just for a drink.  I gave up trying to keep track of my weight gain.  I have no idea how much I’ve gained and I don’t want to know.  As long as they keep telling me each month that my weight is fine, I’m okay with that.  I’ll worry about that in October.  I’ll have to start shopping for a bridesmaid dress fairly soon, so that’s a pretty good incentive.

So I guess you can consider yourself pretty well updated on the wait for Hall New Baby Four.  I’m sure as the time gets closer and the doctor actually does something at my appointments, I’ll have more to share.  Keep praying for us, we need it.  God has blessed me with another healthy pregnancy thus far, and He’s been faithful to provide for our family abundantly this summer, and we trust Him to keep doing so when this baby joins our family.  Thanks for the prayers!

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