Our version of a “stay”cation

Apparently the hot buzzword of summer 2008 is “staycation.”  Since gas prices are so high and the economy is so low, I’m hearing everywhere about people who changed their vacation plans in order to stay closer to home and take advantage of whatever attractions home has to offer.  Well, we had our own spur-of-the-moment staycation this weekend.  Clay had to work, of course, on Saturday.  He had mentioned to me that his whole day would be key accounts, meaning he had his own keys to the buildings and no one else would be there.  I was so weary at the thought of being home all day by myself with the girls again, that I impulsively said on Saturday morning, “Since you’re not actually going to be dealing with customer’s today, maybe we’ll just ride with you like we did that one day.”  I was not really serious.  (See my earlier post “Being a helpmate may involve…”)  However, when I said this, his eyes lit up.  He hates the days where he drives around all day and never sees another human being; those are the days that make his job so weary.  So when I suggested that his hopes flew up.  Then he reminded me that he was servicing schools all day, which meant lots of playgrounds!  From that point on, really, the decision was made.  We were going to have a playground day.  I could now give you a review of all of the Boone County Elementary playgrounds.  We loaded up and drove from school to school, getting 20-30 minutes at each one.  My kids played hard and were hot and filthy, but they loved it.  We had a couple of movies in the van to entertain us through the high schools and middle schools that didn’t have playgrounds, and the girls had a great, if exhausting, day.  Clay called it the progressive dinner of playgrounds.

So, after a long tiring day out in the heat, we decided to head home from church the next day and rest up, right?  Absolutely not.  No one has ever accused us of being sane, and we didn’t want to start now.  We packed up our bathing suits and sunscreen yesterday morning before church, and headed out immediately after lunch to Indiana Beach, an amusement park and beach on the lake about 30-45 minutes north of us.  For $43, all five of us got to enjoy the afternoon in the splash park and beach, as well as plenty of kiddie rides.  The girls got all the fun of playing in sand and water without traveling very far from home.  They absolutely loved it.  Being in the water made the heat bearable for this pregnant lady.  After a couple of hours playing at the beach, we headed out onto the boardwalk to ride some rides.  The girls didn’t even notice that every ride did almost the exact same thing (go round and round in a circle); they had a blast.  We had a couple of hairy moments where discipline was required, but all in all we had a great two days.

We were worn out, a tiny bit sunkissed (just Clay and I, the girls were fine), and have a little bit smaller cushion of summer commission stored up for the fall, but we had a great weekend.  The good parts continued until the morning, too, when my first wake up call was not until 7:45, and Catherine slept until 9:30 and even Abigail, who usually is up early no matter what, slept until 8:30.  Too bad Clay had to get up at the normal time and go to work.  Hang in there, babe, you have a three day weekend coming up in Somerset!

(Yes, we took pictures.  No, they’re not developed yet.  I’ll post them when I get them.  Stay tuned.)

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3 Responses to Our version of a “stay”cation

  1. Meg Oakleaf says:

    Dear Monica-Found your blog by “accident”somehow, when I was googling Lou Priolo’s name after seeing his book,The Heart of Anger,on Doug Phillip’s Vision Forum website.I think there is a brief quote from your comments about this book on Google,which led me to your site.I wanted to read a response from someone who had actually read it.Appreciated your comments and think I will buy it(though now it will be for God to use in my life,and the lives of any future grandchildren.)God bless you! Meg

  2. Meg Oakleaf says:

    Dear Monica-Had to write again to encourage you and praise you in your efforts to be a helpmate to your husband.I can recall times when I,too, sometimes impulsively,sometimes intentionally,made a comment and my husband’s eyes lit up.Then it was up to me to follow through, if I wanted to bless his heart(though God’s Spirit gets the credit for urging us on.)You can almost picture the departed saints cheering us on at moments like that!(Especially the female ones!)(see Heb.12:1)Blessings! Meg

  3. Aunt Gertie says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have a digital camera where you could immediately post pics…oh wait, you do have one!!

    Anyway…sounds like a great weekend!! Can’t wait to see you this weekend!

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