Children update


We started school this week.  I thought about postponing it with all the roofing chaos still left to be cleaned up, but we decided to go on with plan A.  So far, so good, only four days in.  She’s so excited because of all the pumping up I did about math and music, that she would think she was having fun no matter what we were doing.  Here she is on Day One of kindergarten:

Her other big news is that she has her first loose tooth.  We discovered it last Friday, thanks to Nanny.  She wiggles it several times a day and declares it looser every time.  I’m not certain I was ready for this, but here we go anyway!

Catherine:  She’s doing great in all areas but one:  I would gladly pay anyone who wanted to come live with me for a few days and potty train this child!  She just is absolutely not interested.  We’re playing the M&M’s and stickers game right now which has sparked the most interest so far, but really she’s not budging much.  But she continues to absolutely crack us up, is loving gymnastics and doing quite well if I do say so myself, and loves to sit with us and pretend to do school in her own Tinker Bell notebook.  I guess she won’t wear Pull-ups forever.

Elisabeth:  She went for her 18 month checkup yesterday and has graduated to the 6th percentile in weight!  She gained a pound and 11 ounces in three months, weighing in at 20 lbs 11 oz, which is about what the other two weighed at 12 months.  But she’s healthy and strong and smart, and learning new words every day.  And the doctor finally saw her thumb and said we’re okay, not to worry about it.

So that’s us, along with the new baby update I posted earlier.  Now I think my blog is finally caught up.  There should be no more major lapses in blog posts until I go to the hospital!  Keep us in your prayers as our family approaches this major change, which I guess could happen anytime now.

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