Okay, here we go!

Now I’m on weekly visits at the doctor.  This morning we did the first check, and without too many graphic details, we’ll just say that the process has started.  Of course, that doesn’t really mean anything, you know.  The “process started” early with every one of my babies so far, and they’ve been a few days later every time.  But still, it feels good to know that things are happening.  Now we begin the phase of…

…being hesitant to call home for any reason because as soon as they hear who it is they start wondering if this is it.

…getting absolutely sick and tired of the question, “How much longer do you have?”

…eventually, getting even more sick and tired of hearing, “I didn’t think you’d still be here by now!”

…making every plan hinge on, “Well, if the baby hasn’t come…”

…evaluating every twinge and movement in a whole new light.

…praying that there’s not a baby boom right when I go so that I don’t end up being stuck with a room-mate at the hospital.

…hearing almost strangers ask me intimate details about what’s going on with my body as if my big belly makes everything their business.

…hearing every labor story that everyone can think of.

…being asked how I feel about 47 times a week.

Lord, give me strength for the physical part and grace for the emotional part.

On a side note, I had some weird test done today that my doctor ordered for me but forgot to explain to me.  It was a timed bleeding check, where they basically sliced a small hole in my arm, then timed how long it took to quit bleeding.  It took 12 minutes, whatever that means.  She scraped the blood off onto a coffee filter-looking thing every few seconds, which felt wonderful (not!).  This was after it took her three sticks to draw blood to check my blood count yet again.  She actually got it in two, which is something of a record for my veins, and then she realized that she filled the wrong kind of container, so she had to do it again in the other hand.  I think she managed without leaving quarter-sized bruises, though, which I had four of last time I had bloodwork done.  The bruises took a full three weeks to go away last time.  I am really growing tired of lab work.

But I’m healthy, baby’s healthy, and this is just part of it.  Stay tuned as our story grows more exciting every week from here on out.

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