The roofing adventure

With all the storms this spring, combined with the fact that our roof is about 14 years old now and (as we discovered last weekend) was cheaply built in the first place, we decided to use our economic stimulus check to put a new one on.  With the incredible help from a friend at church who gave us entire three days off along with his roofing expertise, we assembled a crew of volunteers (all also friends from one church or another who generously donated their time and sweat) and three days later, we have a new roof!!


Square feet of roof:  1477

Laborers: 7

Bundles of shingles: 59

Hours on roof: 38

Materials Cost:  $1588.88

Banged thumbs: 37

Having friends willing to do this for us:  Priceless

Clay finishing up Sunday night after all the others had left.

Now check out the aftermath that we’re still in the process of trying to clean up:

Everyone had to go back to work, and the pregnant lady is not doing too hot at picking up all the shingles, so who knows when our kids will get to play outside again.  But we are so thankful for our new roof, especially when storms came through the very next night.  Thanks to all who helped in any way, whether through donating time, energy, husbands, money for lunches, or prayers.

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