36 weeks, 6 days

Another doctor visit this morning.  Not much has changed since last week.  Could go anytime, could be four more weeks.  The only thing notable about this visit was when I asked him to explain to me the bleed-time test that they did on me last week.  (See earlier post.)  He searched and searched and found no record of ordering that test or no reason why he would have.  It was a mistake.  The lab did the wrong test.  So I got to take my still bruised arms (the sticks on Friday eventually did bruise) back to the lab to get the right test done, amidst assurances that he would instruct the lab not to bill for the other test.  But a slight miracle happened:  this nurse got it done with only one stick!!!  I don’t think that has ever happened!

But that’s all.  Nothing exciting or noteworthy expected to happen this week.  Still looking for birthdate predictions.  He said they would let me go a week over before inducing, so don’t predict anything past September 11.

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One Response to 36 weeks, 6 days

  1. Jackie B says:

    Someday it will all be funny, right?

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