Thank you!

A new thank you needs to be added to the roofing adventure thank-you list.  Clay’s parents graciously sent us the money to have the yard cleaned up and the mess hauled away.  This was especially nice after we found out that the city would not take the trash cans with shingles in them like we thought.  So as of about 11:30 this morning,  my yard is shingle free!!!  Clay is finishing up the new shingles on the shed as I type, and tonight we will go to bed with the roofing adventure officially behind us!!!!  Thank you Steve and Claudia, and everyone else who contributed.

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One Response to Thank you!

  1. Steve and Claudia says:

    You are more than welcome. Looking forward to the next adventure with Baby Hall Number Four 🙂 love you muchly, claudia & steve

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