37 weeks, 6 days

Another appointment this morning, not much new.  About the same progress as last week.  I keep telling this baby to hurry up, because as soon as it starts coming, I get reinforcements with my other kids!!  Caring for my kids, husband, and home was interesting enough just dealing with the physical effects of being very, very, very pregnant, but then I got a monster cold over the weekend, just to make things a bit more fun.  My doctor gave me a prescription this morning, so hopefully that will help.  I finally had to give up on the Olympics the past two nights and go to bed early.  I should be back to just being pregnant in a day or so.  It’s crazy to think that no matter what, in three weeks I’ll have four kids.  I’m actually kind of scared, not of childbirth or the physical aspects; been there, done that.  But I’m scared of having four kids.  I feel like I barely have things under control now, so what’s going to happen when there is another one.  That’s when I remind myself, or my husband does the reminding, that God’s grace is sufficient for the day.  I don’t have the grace today to handle a homeschooling kindergartner, a non-potty-trained three year old, an extremely rambunctious 18-month old, and a nursing newborn–because I don’t need that grace today.  Today I just need the grace for three kids.  And somehow, no matter how badly I’ve been feeling, we’ve made it through the day without disaster, by God’s grace.  And His grace for parenting four kids age five and under will be there abundantly when it is needed.  Thank you, Lord, for your grace that is always enough.

So, my due date is fifteen days away, and I could go as much as 8 days over, meaning that in 23 days, one way or another, the Hall family will be 6.  If you haven’t left your “baby day” pick, you better hurry up!

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3 Responses to 37 weeks, 6 days

  1. Jessica says:

    Hi Monica! I’m Jessica, nice to “meet” you! A friend recommended your blog to me because we have a lot in common. I, too, am a homeschooling mom with 4 kids age 5 and under! My youngest was born in May, oldest turned 5 in July. We are also doing Kindergarten this year (but with a 1st grade curriculum), and the two in the middle are 3 1/2 and 2.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say, I also was nervous about #4 (as I was about #3…), but especially with adding homeschooling kindergarten this year. But like you said, God provides! That’s not to say things won’t be a little “bumpy” at first (I bought an Ergo carrier this time which is a HUGE help), but His mercies are new every morning, even when we’re a little bleary-eyed! I think it’s great that you started school a little early so you can take some time off. We started a couple weeks ago just to have a little “wiggle room”, too.

    Sorry, this is getting to be a long comment! Feel free to check out my blog or email me if you are interested in “chatting”! I LOVE connecting with other SAHMs!

  2. Jessica says:

    I forgot to mention, mine are all girls!

  3. Suzanne says:

    i had such a long and encouraging comment and somehow deleted it i think. good grief.

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE email me and i’ll send you my home phone number. love drives out all fear – and i’m dying to love you through this time. i’d love to “be there” for you during this time. remember that your fear is so much worse than reality ever is.

    i’m here. and i’ve been there. let me know if you want to chat!

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