Only 5 years?

On Saturday, my mom called to remind me what I was doing on August 23, five years ago.  A week or so before that date, I went to work for the last day, Clay and I went on a mini-vacation to Chicago, and then on the 22nd and 23rd, we loaded up the U-Haul and headed to Louisville.  Our plans were for Clay to go to seminary, get done in 3 or 4 years, and head overseas as missionaries by 2008 at the latest.  Has that really only been five years ago?  Is it possible that we have lived as much life as we have, in only five years?  We stayed on track with the seminary plan until fall 2005, although we changed career objectives during that time, deciding to focus on remaining in the states and pastoring.  Summer and fall 2005 brought a lot of junk at our church that ended up with us leaving, moving, and basically being in a funk for six months looking for new direction.  New direction came early in 2006 when we began making plans to move to Indiana with the objective of being church planters.  Signed the mortgage in June, church plant completely fell apart in November, also involving a lot of junk that left us in funk number two.  Clay took the only job available, at Terminix, and we began a new period of questioning, “Why on earth are we here?”  Now we’re still at Terminix, still wondering what God is going to do with us, and getting ready to bring home the third baby since that moving day five years ago.  We’ve added family members and lost family members.  We’ve lost touch with old friends and began new friendships.  We’ve held strong to our core beliefs about God and life while tweaking how some of them flesh out in daily living.  We’ve developed philosophies of what church should be, based on our negative experiences.  We were still pretty much perfect parents this time five years ago, and now we know that we basically know nothing about parenting.  We’ve celebrated marriages and births and an adoption, and mourned loved ones that are no longer with us.  So much life in such a short time.  Makes me kind of scared of the next five years, but I know that God ordained each one of those days, and He already has planned each one of the upcoming days.  Thank You, God, for Your Sovereign control and Your gracious love in my life.  Five more years?  Bring it on.

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One Response to Only 5 years?

  1. Suzanne says:

    ooh, it’s crazy isn’t it? children especially make that time fly – and your former life so surreal.

    so true on the perfect parents to parents that don’t know what they’re doing! i absolutely cracked up! i so know!

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