Baby shower

With your fourth baby, you don’t really expect a baby shower.  I know I certainly didn’t.  But the ladies in my ABF (Adult Bible Fellowship) are pretty sneaky, and pretty caring, too.  Apparently they arranged this surprise shower with my husband several weeks ago.  We left church on Sunday, heading to take home the two men that had gone with us.  I rode in the very back of the van, between the car seats (a great spot for a very very pregnant person, let me tell you), but I was still able to hear Clay’s phone ringing a few times.  When we dropped them off and I moved back to the front, he told me that his friend David needed his help at the community center for a few minutes.  I didn’t suspect a thing at that point.  However, it took so long to get back to the church, that they were getting a little worried and called a few more times.  I was really starting to think they were getting a little worked up for no reason, and was really wondering what in the world was so important that they had to have Clay there right then, when we had three little kids that needed lunch and naps, not to mention my own hungry belly.  We finally got there, and I unknowingly helped him out by saying that I needed to use the bathroom, so that solved the dilemma of how he was going to get me inside.  In we went, and there they were.  They had lunch, cake, gifts, and friendship to share with us.  It felt wonderful.  Not just knowing that they were meeting some of our needs by providing diapers and other gifts, as well as the promise of meals once baby comes, but just knowing that they cared enough for us to do that for us.  Sometimes we still feel like “newbies” in our large church, like we’re just on the fringes.  But we’re developing relationships and friendships, and they are really doing their part to “one-another” us.  I am extremely grateful for the kindness that they showed to our family, and for the friendships that we’re building in our church.

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3 Responses to Baby shower

  1. Suzanne says:

    how wonderful!!

    keep us updated on that upcoming sweetie of yours!!

  2. ndefalco says:

    That’s great, Monica. In a large church, sometimes it can take years to feel like you always fit in.

    P.S. Our baby shower is coming up this weekend. And it’s CO-ED! uh-oh. 🙂

  3. Stefani says:

    Awww, you are so welcome! I’m glad you enjoyed yourself and we could meet some of your families’ needs. I know all of us wanted to make you and Clay feel special and Heaven knows you deserve it. I mean 4 kids in what 5 years? There should be some sort of award for that, but I guess a surprise baby shower will have to do! Also, I’m glad to know that David and I aren’t the only one still feeling like newbies! We’re slowly but surely finding God’s place for us in our church family and it feels great. Oh I am trying to get pictures sent to you from the shower but am having trouble with downloading them from my camera. I’ll keeo trying. Maybe I’ll see you Sunday??? I hear the lil bambino may be here before then?
    Call me if you need anything at all. -Stef

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