Her favorite new word

Taking a break from baby updates…

Some of you know that we are in the process of trying to convince Catherine that she needs to use the potty all the time.  (Her latest reassurance:  “Maybe when I’m a teenager I’ll put my messy in the potty, Mommy.”)  Our current system is to give her one M&M if she goes when we tell her, 3 M&M’s if she goes on her own, and if she’ll ever messy in the potty she’ll get a whopping 10 M&M’s!  This has presented an unforeseen problem, though.  Elisabeth somehow very quickly picked up on the fact that Catherine was getting something out of that dish on the corner cabinet, that must be extremely yummy.  So now everytime Catherine potties and loudly proclaims that I need to give her an M&M, Elisabeth comes running from wherever she is, runs to the corner cabinet, reaches up, and begins excitedly calling, “Emmy, Emmy!”  She’s even been known to jump up and down, as well as she can.  So we’ve had to instate a new policy:  Catherine is free to ask for her M&M’s, but she needs to come to Mommy and whisper!!!

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One Response to Her favorite new word

  1. Jackie B says:

    You’re such a good mom! You come up with such good ideas! Can’t wait to hear about the new baby! Tell your sister to get it on her blog asap since you might not feel well.

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