Samuel’s first few days

Well, we’re almost to the two week mark now, and things are going well.  I have recovered about as quickly as I ever have with any of the others, and we’ve been taking advantage of how well I’ve been feeling to do a lot of shopping and spend all of Samuel’s clothes money!  He will be one stylin’ little dude, thanks to the generosity of several friends from home and church.  The girls are adjusting very well.  Nanny has to wait until after bedtime to hold Samuel, because every time she gets him during the day, one of his sister’s claims her right to hold him.  Elisabeth has made it her job to always keep up with his pacifier, which sometimes means holding it in her mouth for him.  She also frequently says, “Baby, sit down!” while pointing to his bouncy seat or swing.  She likes when he’s in his seat because then she has easy access to do things like pull his feet and give him toys and try to cover him with his blanket.  We have to be very vigilant to protect him from her kind of love.  He went to the doctor Monday morning, and has gained three ounces.  It’s always nice for a nursing mom to know that baby’s gaining and mommy’s losing.  That’s just the way we like it.  He has good nights and bad nights.  He’s slept as long as four hours once or twice, and then we’ll have a night with hardly any sleep.  But that’s just part of life with a newborn; been there, done that.  He’s really a very good baby, very content whether being held or in his seat, which is just the way a fourth baby should be.  We have a few more days before Nanny goes home, and then we’re flying solo.  Hope you enjoy this next batch of pictures.  I know our family in Somerset is chomping at the bit to see him, so I’ll try to finish off our next roll and get more on here soon.

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3 Responses to Samuel’s first few days

  1. Steve and Claudia says:

    lovely!!!! thanksfor sharing. just sooo blessed!!!! thank you, Jesus!

  2. Stef says:

    Those are the sweetest pictures, soooo cute! It look like your husband has a hidden photography talent!

  3. Aunt Gertie says:

    I miss you all so stinking much!!!!!!

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